6th Nov 2013

6th National Audit Project to study Perioperative Anaphylaxis


NAP6: Perioperative Anaphylaxis

The President of the Royal College of Anaesthetists announced perioperative anaphylaxis as the topic for the 6th National Audit Project in his statement in the September issue of the RCoA Bulletin.

In the November issue of the Bulletin Professor Tim Cook, Consultant in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine at the Royal United Hospital Bath and RCoA Advisor on National Audit Projects, explains the rigorous process of selecting this topic.

Potential questions that NAP6 might address:

  • How often do serious anaphylactic reactions occur?
  • What is the epidemiological distribution of these cases?
  • What is the outcome of these events?
  • What are the causative agent groups and individual drugs?
  • What proportion of cases of suspected perioperative anaphylaxis or allergy are referred/investigated?
  • What proportion of investigated cases are proven or unproven?
  • How well does management and referral/investigation match published guidelines?
  • Is there any correlation between drugs used in resuscitation and outcome for severe cases?

Next Steps

An advert for the post of Clinical Lead for NAP6 will be published in the January edition of the Bulletin and will be available on this website in January 2014, together with a job description and person specification.

Data collection for NAP6 will begin in spring 2015.

Please direct any questions to the NAP Administrator:


NAP6 Perioperative Anaphylaxis

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Content extracted from Professor Tim Cook's article on NAP6 in the November issue of the Bulletin of the Royal College of Anaesthetists

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