Independent Hospitals

These resources were used by NAP6 Local Coordinators in the independent sector to deliver the project in their hospitals.

NAP6 Local Coordinator Guide for Independent Hospitals

This guidance has been revised in the light of queries from Local Coordinators (LCs) - thank you for your feedback and your support of NAP6.

The inclusion criteria have been clarified as follows:

  • The inclusion criteria have been expanded to incorporate patients undergoing interventional procedures under regional anaesthesia, local anaesthesia and managed anaesthesia care (monitoring by the anaesthetist), as well as sedation and general anaesthesia. This change applies across NAP6 and affects both the Core Project (case reports) and the Activity/Allergen Survey. Please see pages 2 and 3. Patients should be included only if they are under the care of an anaesthetist.

  • We have clarified which cases from HDU/ICU/ED should be included (page 3).

  • We have amended the table to emphasise that only Grade 3, 4 and 5 cases in which anaphylaxis is suspected should be reported (page 3).

We hope this makes things clearer for all.

NAP6 Presentation for LCs in the Independent Sector

Please use to inform and spread awareness of NAP6 within your hospital department. Contains essential background information on NAP6 including definition of NAPs, NAP6 project outline and aims, timelines and useful contact details.

Independent Sector Participants

A list of the Non-NHS hospitals participating in NAP6 can be found below: