27th Nov 2019

Medical Academic Career Progression Survey

The BMA's Medical Academic Staff Committee is running a career progression survey in order to better understand women's career progression in academic medicine and what influences it.

This general survey is being undertaken on behalf of the BMA's Women in Academic Medicine Group, who want to understand the changes necessary to increase diversity and improve career progression for all within medical research, education and clinical academia.

They also want to understand the issues which impact on the attractiveness of an academic career, including factors which might have acted as a deterrent to those starting or continuing a career in the sector.

In order to get a full view of the current picture the group needs a full spectrum of respondents to complete the survey (including men), as well as former medical academics and those doctors who rejected it as an option.

Please click the link below which will take you to the online survey, and which is expected to remain open at least until the end of November 2019. Contact the Medical Academic Staff Committee by email with any queries.

Access the survey here

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