NAP4: What Others Said

Please note that some comments have been edited for length.

  • "We welcome this report and would encourage NHS trusts and staff to take note of the recommendations and take any necessary action to ensure high quality safe patient care."
    Department of Health spokesperson, 2011

  • "The findings make compelling reading and should constitute a clarion call to our discipline. An almost Herculean task of data collection and analysis."
    Anaesthesia Editorial, 2011

  • "Well organised. NAP4 undertook a challenging task. The report impressively succeeds in its goal."
    Anesthesiology, 2011

  • "The content is pure gold. What does the 216 page book have that the 29 pages of the summary articles don't? The answer is 'Plenty!' The clinical detail along with the excellent layout is what makes this book so engaging ... a powerful learning tool. Overall I found this book to be excellent"
    M Waddington, Anaesthesia and Intensive Care, 2011

  • "Impressive study not previously seen. Very well written ... fascinating reading ... immense detailing. The amount of effort and passion the researchers into this research project spanning four countries for a period of four years is staggering, and the dividends pay off handsomely for all of us. In my opinion this study will become the standard for airway research in large populations"
    Laura Duggan, Canadian Journal of Anaesthesia, 2011

  • "This report represents the most definitive source of information on serious airway complications in the UK and provides the most useful data to the world."
    Takashi Asai, 'In Rapid-sequence induction of anesthesia in obstetric women: how safe is it?' J Anesth (2012) 26: 321-323.

  • "Lessons can and must be learned from this practice-changing piece of work. Our view is that NAP4 will prove to be a seminal work in the field of airway management and it is our responsibility as clinicians to take this opportunity to use these data to facilitate change and improve the safety of airway management in anaesthesia, critical care and emergency medicine
    McGuire B, Curtis R. 'Audits: What have we done?' RCoA Bulletin, 2012

  • "Groundbreaking. A seminal project with enormous implications. Highly recommended reading."
    ANZCA Bulletin, 2011

  • "This is essential reading for all anaesthetists. The book delivers vitally important, sobering results on a subject fundamental to anaesthesia. It is easy and compelling reading, with useful recommendations. It is very successful in delivering its message that airway complications can be catastrophic, happen frequently, and need to be learnt from. It makes recommendations which we have used and implemented in our hospital. I cannot think of a more influential anaesthetic text in the last few years. Its subject matter and message are of unique and vital importance in anaesthesia. We have used its recommendations to make our large anaesthetic department in a teaching hospital safer. I believe every anaesthetist should read it."

    BMA Medical Book of the Year Awards
    , - Shortlisted entry, 2011