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 NAP5 Headed Paper (827 KB)
To be used by Local Co-ordinators for liaison with departments.

NAP logos (1.03 MB)
 NAP_logo.pdf (267 KB)


NAP5 Interview
This video addresses a number of frequently asked questions about the project and its methodology.

NAP5 Presentation
This presentation, delivered by Dr Tim Cook, provides key information about the NAP5 project.


 Merged Local Co-ordinator Guide.pdf (189 KB)
 UK Monthly Local Co-ordinator Checklist (655 KB)
 Monthly Local Co-ordinator Feedback Form (30 KB)
 NAP5 Clarification on Sedation and Historical Cases (111 KB)
Dr Tim Cook & Professor Jaideep Pandit


 NAP5 Questionnaire-Coverlet.pdf (145 KB)
 Form 1 - Individual Qs.docx (1.22 MB)
 Form 2 - Departmental Qs.docx (1.22 MB)

NAP5 Poster and Flyer

 NAP5 Flyer version 9.pdf (4.00 MB)
 NAP5 poster version 7.pdf (4.00 MB)