NAP5 Review Panel


Prof Jaideep Pandit

Prof Jaideep Pandit
NAP5 Clinical Lead

RCoA Advisor for NAPs

Tim Cook

Prof Tim Cook


Jackie Andrade

Prof J Andrade
Professor of Psychology, Plymouth University

silhouette man

Dr J Armstrong
Former Head of Underwriting, MDU

David Bogod

Dr D Bogod
President of OAA

Sharon Drake

Ms S Drake
Director of Education, RCoA

William Harrop-Griffiths

Dr W Harrop-Griffiths
Immediate Past President, AAGBI

John Hitchman

Mr J Hitchman
Lay Committee Member, RCoA

Wouter Jonker

Dr W Jonker
NAP5 Ireland

Dr Nuala Lucas

Dr N Lucas
London North West Healthcare NHS Trust

Jonathan MacKay

Dr J Mackay
Chair, ACTA

Professor R Mahajan

Prof R Mahajan
Immediate Past Chair, NIAA

Alastair Nimmo

Dr A Nimmo
SIVA Immediate Past President

Kate OConnor

Dr K O'Connor

Ellen OSullivan

Dr E O'Sullivan
NAP5 Ireland

James Palmer

Dr J Palmer
Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust

Richard Paul

Dr R Paul
GAT Honorary Secretary

Felicity Plaat

Dr F Plaat

Jeremy Radcliffe comp

Dr J Radcliffe
University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Mike Sury

Dr M Sury

Helen Torevill

Ms H Torevell
Clincal Risk Manager, Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Michael Wang

Prof M Wang
Professor of Clinical Psychology, University of Leicester

Additional Contributors

Jonathan Bird

Dr J Bird
The Royal College of Psychiatrists

Alison Eddy

Ms A Eddy
Irwin Mitchell LLP

Jenny Hainsworth

Dr J Hainsworth
Clinical Psychologist, Leicester General Hospital

Nick Love

Dr N Love
GAT Chair

Abhiram Mallick

Dr A Mallick

Ramani Moonesinghe

Dr R Moonesinghe
Trainees Rep, RCoA

Committee Secretary

Mrs M Bell (née Humphrey)