NAP6 Data Entry

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NAP6 Data Collection is CLOSED

The reporting period for NAP6 ran from 5 November 2015 to 5 November 2016.

All cases that occured within the reporting window should be reported to NAP6, but not cases that occurred beyond that point.

PDF copy of Part A and B of the NAP6 Webtool

PART A: To be completed by the LC in advance of patient being seen in an allergy clinic

PART B: To be completed by the LC after the patient has attended the allergy clinic and you are in possession of the clinic letter.

NAP6 Webtool User Notes

Instructions how to log in, begin a new case and submit a case once all the data has been entered.

NAP6 Data Entry Clinical Guidance Notes

Question by question guide on how to complete both parts of the web form.