NAP6 Presentations

Please click the links below for presentations relating to the 6th National Audit Project.

NAP6 Summary Presentation

This presentation has been compiled by Prof Nigel Harper, Clinical Lead for NAP6, with thanks to the presenters at the NAP6 Launch Event in May 2018.

This presentation is intended to summarise the methodology and findings of NAP6 and can be used and adapted by NAP6 Local Coordinators for presentation in their hospital departments.

 NAP6 Slide Set v1 (June 2018).pptx (22.43 MB)

NAP6 Launch Presentations

These presentations were given at the official launch event for Anaesthesia, Allergy, and Life-Threatening Allergic Reactions, held at the Royal Society of Medicine on 14 May 2018.

Overview and Key Findings
 NAP6 - Overview and Key Findings (2.40 MB)

 NAP6 - Methods (3.08 MB)

The Patient Experience
 NAP6 - The Patient Experience (2.16 MB)

The Independent Sector
 NAP6 - The Independent Sector (2.89 MB)

Anaesthetists' Perceptions
 NAP6 - Anaesthetists Perceptions (2.06 MB)

Allergy Clinic Perceptions
 NAP6 - Allergy Clinic Perceptions (6.83 MB)

Activity Survey
 NAP6 - Activity Survey (2.23 MB)

Allergen Survey
 NAP6 - Allergen Survey (17.29 MB)

Clinical Features
 NAP6 - Clinical Features (2.89 MB)

Immediate Management
 NAP6 - Immediate Management (2.31 MB)

NAP6 Tools
 NAP6 - Tools (5.76 MB)

Deaths and Cardiac Arrests
 NAP6 - Deaths and Cardiac Arrests (3.17 MB)

 NAP6 - Investigations (2.41 MB)

Reporting and Learning
 NAP6 - Reporting and Learning (2.28 MB)

 NAP6 - Antibiotics (2.10 MB)

Neuromuscular Blocking Agents
 NAP6 - Neuromuscular Blocking Agents (1.99 MB)

 NAP6 - Chlorhexidine (2.27 MB)

Patent Blue Dye
 NAP6 - Patent Blue Dye (3.64 MB)

 NAP6 - Paediatrics (2.47 MB)

 NAP6 - Obstetrics (5.04 MB)