30th Jun 2017

NAP6 Update in RCoA Bulletin

Data collection is now complete for NAP6. The July 2017 edition of the RCoA Bulletin features an update from Prof Nigel Cook, NAP6 Clinical Lead, and Prof Tim Cook, Director of the NAPs, on the progress of the project. You can download the full article here:

 NAP6 Update - Bulletin 104.pdf (216 KB)

NAP6 Update - Bulletin 104

NAP6 is a cross-specialty project and the most comprehensive investigation of its subject ever undertaken. NAP6 aims to characterise current patterns in perioperative anaphylaxis, and in its management and investigation.

NAP6 has four phases, which are all discussed in this article:

  • A baseline survey of anaesthetists' experiences and perceptions
  • A baseline survey of UK anaesthetic allergy clinics
  • An allergen exposure survey
  • The main registry of clinical reports

The final report will include incidence and relative-risk metrics and recommendations, as necessary.

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