20th Oct 2020

NAP7 ACCC-track: Anaesthesia and Critical Care COVID Activity Tracking Survey

As we enter the second surge of the COVID-19 pandemic it is likely that many hospitals activity is disrupted and also that will varying regionally.

The College would like to track how hospitals, perioperative and critical care has been affected by COVID-19 and to track how this changes over the next 6 months.
We hope to achieve this through the network of Local Co-ordinators set up for NAP7 (which is now delayed till May 2021) aided by local trainee involvement.

A series of snapshot surveys - starting this week and repeated every two months - will examine departmental reorganisation, staff absences and anaesthetic/surgical activity.These will provide a national picture of the stresses and impact on hospitals and services in the next few months.Data will be processed and reported on as promptly as possible.

We urge all departments to respond and thank you for taking the time needed to provide these data.

Anaesthesia Critical Care COVID Activity Tracking Survey PDF

Click below for the Anaesthesia Critical Care COVID Activity Tracking dataset ACCC-Track round 1_201020.pdf (708 KB)

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