NAP7 Call for Moderators

The NAP7 team is inviting calls for several moderators for the NAP7 project, studying perioperative cardiac arrest in the UK.

The moderator role is simply to act as an independent arbiter of whether cases should be reported to NAP7 (they meet inclusion criteria) or not (they do not meet these).

The role therefore simply requires a person who has expert knowledge in the field to be contactable for anyone from around the UK to call on and enquire. Initial contact would be by email. The main data collection period runs for 1 year from 16th June 2021.

The moderator, intentionally and necessarily, has no other role in the project. The reason for this is that the moderator will have knowledge of who and where cases come from and clinical details that can be linked with the person/place; our processes are set up so no one on the review panel has such knowledge. We do not believe the position is arduous but it is important. The post is unpaid.

Definition of perioperative cardiac arrest: Chest compressions and/or defibrillation in a patient having a procedure under the care of an anaesthetist.

Each component of this definition is explained in the local coordinator guide:

 NAP7 Local Coordinator Guide_Version 1.1.docx (1.07 MB)

In addition to this core definition there are special inclusion circumstances:

  • Critically ill children anaesthetised for retrieval or transfer to another hospital
  • Emergency Department cases in whom a procedure is planned but who arrest before this is possible
  • Regional block performed by anaesthetist outside of theatre (non-obstetric)
  • Obstetric analgesia (including remifentanil PCA)

Please see below for the person specification for this role. To apply, please send a letter to detailing your relevant experience.

 Person Specification NAP 7 moderator.docx (41 KB)

The closing date for applications is 5pm, Wednesday 23rd June

Please contact the NAP7 team if you wish to apply or discuss this role further at