30th Nov 2015

NIAA Research Award

The NIAA is delighted to announce details of NIAA Research Award for 2016.

The NIAA Research Award aims to promote and encourage current (within 18 months of submission deadline) and active researchers within the field of anaesthesia, perioperative medicine or pain research in the UK. Five shortlisted applicants will be invited to present their work at the annual NIAA Scientific Meeting. The winner will be selected on the day.

• It will be awarded to an individual who has demonstrated excellence in scientific research relevant to anaesthesia, perioperative care or pain.
• The award will allow new investigators to achieve recognition through presentation at a national meeting with peer-review.
• The award will be presented annually at the NIAA Annual Scientific Meeting. For 2016 this will be held on Thursday 14th April 2016 at the RCoA in London. Applicants should ensure they are free to attend and present at the Annual Scientific Meeting in the event of being shortlisted.
• Eligibliity: This award is open to all investigators of anaesthesia, perioperative or pain research within the UK who are members of one of the NIAA funding partners. This includes consultants or equivalent within 2 years of appointment.
• The applicant will have completed a 'body of work' that may have been presented at an equivalent scientific national or international meeting or published as an abstract or full paper in a peer reviewed journal.
• A 'body of work' will include a project that covers a clear, evidence-based research question, appropriate methods, well-conduced study/studies and statistical analysis of results drawing to a valid conclusion. A 'body of work' would typically be the equivalent to two or more research papers on one subject area or from a higher degree thesis (MD/PhD).

The deadline for applications is 5pm on Thursday 4th February 2016. Applicants are invited to submit a summary of their 'body of work', this should be fully referenced and state the authors contribution.

Further details about how to apply can be found here.

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