VASGBI Trainee Research Development Grant


Closing date: Noon, Friday 22 April 2022


  • VASGBI Trainee Research Development Grants are intended to foster trainee research in vascular anaesthesia. Funding is limited to £5,000 in a single application.
  • Awards are open to all anaesthetic trainees in United Kingdom and Ireland not holding a substantive or locum consultant post. The trainee must be working in or affiliated with a department providing vascular anaesthetic services.
  • Trainees must be supported by one or more named supervisors with research expertise and a track record of successful supervision of trainees.
  • Applications for projects spanning a period of up to two years undertaken by a number of trainees over this period will be considered.
  • Where more than one application is received from the same group/centre/institution, clarification will be sought that these are not from the same collaboration.
  • Funding may be sought under the VASGBI Trainee Research Development Grants scheme for:
    a. Equipment and consumables, including animal costs (all equipment purchased remains the property of VASGBI)
    b. Personnel (including buy-outs of time) where these costs cannot be covered from other sources (e.g., CLRN)
    c. Necessary fees for access to data or to complete the project that can be justified
  • Specific exclusions are that funding will not support
    a. Postage and photocopying (e.g., for surveys)
    b. Secretarial support
    c. Telephone, internet subscription costs
    d. Costs of enrolment for higher degrees or courses that may be required to complete the project
  • All publications and outputs must acknowledge VASGBI as a funder, and VASGBI may wish to enter into discussions about any intellectual property rights that emanate from discoveries made through this funding.


  • Use 1-inch margins max, strictly in 11-point Arial script, single spaced, submitted as a single pdf file.
  • Page 1: Single page detailing title of project, applicants (names, positions, qualifications, contact numbers and emails) and where space allows a brief summary CV. Applicants will need to be sparing as to which information they thus provide.
  • Page 2-5: The body of application must be no longer than 4 sides of A4. Applicants may lay this out as they wish and may include figures or tables, but all must fit within the 4-page limit. This should include both a scientific abstract (up to 200 words) and structured lay abstract (up to 500 words) - please see guidance here
  • Details of Patient & Public Involvement in the research. Any public involvement carried out so far or planned during the research project should be outlined. If no public involvement is planned or necessary, for example in laboratory studies, please explain why this is not required. You can get support for Patient and Public Involvement in your research by contacting your hospital's patient group, your local NIHR Research and Design Service, your local NIHR Clinical Research Network public involvement co-ordinator, patient groups and charities or the NIAA-HSRC's PCPIE Group but we would recommend doing this as soon as possible to incorporate their advice before submitting your application.
    5. Page 6: costings page, including total amount being requested

It is also now a requirement to complete and submit the NIAA Grants EDI data capture form with your application. You can download this below.


Closing date: noon, Friday 22 April 2022

To apply for the VASGBI Trainee Research Development Grant, please download and complete the application form and EDI data capture form below.

 VASGBI Trainee Research Development Grants - FINAL DRAFT.docx (46 KB)

 NIAA Grants EDI Data Capture Form.docx (164 KB)

All applications and requested supporting paperwork must be uploaded as a single pdf document using ScholarOne. Please click the link below for instructions on how to do this.

The NIAA administers the grant awarding process on behalf of its partner organisations. Grant applications and the personal data of applicants will be shared with those organisations on the basis of legitimate interests for processing the funding linked to an award and fulfilling ongoing reporting requirements.

Guidance and FAQs are available here.

Contact us with any queries on applying for NIAA funding.

Please be advised that incomplete, unsigned or late applications will not be considered. It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that the full application is successfully uploaded before the closing date. You will receive an automated acknowledgment email once your application has been received by us. Note that there is no longer any requirement to submit a hard copy of your application.