6th Dec 2013

Anaesthesia Specialty Group News: December 2013

Specialty Group Performance

The Anaesthesia, Perioperative Medicine and Pain Management Specialty Group is one of 23 Specialty Groups which support the NIHR Comprehensive Clinical Research Networks and, in turn, a national portfolio of structured research studies in anaesthesia and perioperative medicine as well as the management of acute and chronic pain.

For the third consecutive month 'Anaesthesia, Perioperative Medicine and Pain Management' have been among the top performers regarding recruitment to non-commercial as well as to commercial NIHR portfolio studies.

NIHR CRN Clinical Leaders Workshop 2013

The first NIHR CRN Clinical Leaders Workshop took place on the 26th November in London. This was the first time that Specialty Group Chairs, Network Clinical Directors and Senior Network Managers have met together. The day was led by Jonathan Sheffield, Chief Executive of the CRN. Presentations from Stephen Smye (Clinical Director of the CCRN) and Jonathan Gower (Assistant Director CCRN) gave time to reflect on past and current performance, as well as considering the priorities for the future clinical leadership of the reconfigured network.

Specialty Groups Progress Review 2013

The Specialty Groups Progress Review has now finished and plans have been put in place to ensure momentum is maintained over the coming year.

NIHR Funding Update

Click here for an update from the NIHR funding centres.

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