3rd May 2023

Do you have a proposal for the 8th National Audit Project?

The RCoA Centre for Research and Improvement is accepting topic submissions for the 8th National Audit Project.

The National Audit Projects (NAPs) study anaesthesia-related complications of low incidence that are potentially serious for patients and important to patients and anaesthetists. NAPs are intended to examine, report on and drive improvements in practice.

Do you have a topic in mind that meets these criteria and would be suitable for NAP8?

How to Submit

To submit a topic for NAP8, please download and complete the proposal form below and submit it to

 NAP8 Proposal Form.docx (127 KB)

Guidance on Submissions

We would prefer topics related to regional anaesthesia but topics not related to RA will also be considered.

As a guide we suggest the topic should be:

  • Important to patients
  • Important to anaesthetists
  • Incompletely studied in incidence or nature
  • Not suitable for study by other methodologies

You should also include information on any specialist societies or other organisations that may be suitable partners for your proposed topic, and whether you would be willing to act as clinical lead for the project.

Further Information

Information on previous NAPs can be found here. If you have any queries regarding the above please Contact Us.

CLOSING DATE: 5pm on Monday 12th June 2023

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