NAP7: Perioperative Cardiac Arrest

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The Seventh National Audit Project (NAP7) of the Royal College of Anaesthetists will examine Perioperative Cardiac Arrest.

A panel comprised of senior clinicians from the RCoA, the National Institute of Academic Anaesthesia (NIAA), Health Services Research Centre (HSRC), and trainee and lay representatives selected the topic after a highly competitive application process.

The topic has now been ratified by the Clinical Quality & Research Board and College Council and is now formally the focus for NAP7.

The RCoA and HSRC would like to thank everyone who submitted a proposal for NAP7. The selection panel also wished to note the high level and quality of trainee involvement in the proposals for NAP7, including the submission for the successful topic.

Clinical Leadership

Please Note: Recruitment to this role is now CLOSED.

The Royal College of Anaesthetists is now inviting applications for a fixed term appointment to lead the Seventh National Audit Project (NAP7).

Professor Tim Cook, who has been the director of the National Audit Projects since NAP3, will not oversee NAP7 as he steps down in the autumn.

Like NAP5 and NAP6, NAP7 will be delivered by the NIAA Health Services Research Centre.