John Snow Anaesthesia Intercalated BSc Awards 2015




The following projects were funded in May 2015:

AAGBI/Anaesthesia Funded John Snow Anaesthesia iBSc

Daisy Moran

Applicant: Miss Daisy Moran
Institution: University of Glasgow
Project: The association between anaesthetic and analgesic techniques and recurrence or metastasis following surgical resection of lung cancer.
 Final report from Miss D Moran (381 KB)

BJA/RCoA Funded John Snow Anaesthesia iBSc

Matthew Duffield

Applicant: Mr Matthew Duffield
Institution: University of Southampton
Project: To investigate whether there is a change in the number or antigen expression of PMV produced during cardiac surgery.

Rebecca Huang

Applicant: Miss Rebecca Huang
Institution: University of Liverpool
Project: To determine the effects of the c.118A>G mu opioid receptor gene polymorphism and the predicted CYP2D6 phenotype on analgesic response over a period of 3 hours (time of peak plasma concentration of tramadol) in patients with osteoarthritis.


Applicant: Mr Javin Sandhu
Institution: University of Manchester
Project: The purpose of this study is to see whether it is possible to identify a unique pattern of brain activity (detected by EEG) for pain caused by osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis.

Mykhaylo Shumeyko

Applicant: Mr Mykhaylo Shumeyko
Institution: University of Aberdeen
Project: Melatonin as a novel therapy in sepsis: effect on biomarkers.
 Final report from Mr M Shumeyko (648 KB)

Andrew Hunter

Applicant: Mr Andrew Hunter
Institution: University of Aberdeen
Project: EEG analysis of patients receiving dexmedetomidine.

NACCSGBI Funded John Snow Anaesthesia iBSc

Jena Mamdani

Applicant: Miss Jena Mamdani
Institution: University of Sheffield
Project: The effect of acupuncture on preoperative anxiety in patients undergoing neurosurgical procedures.