John Snow Anaesthesia Intercalated BSc Awards 2013



The following projects were funded in May 2013:

AAGBI/Anaesthesia Funded John Snow Anaesthesia iBSc

Alex Fowler

Applicant: Mr Alexander Fowler
Institution: Royal London Hospital, Barts Health NHS Trust
Project: The impact of preoperative haemoglobin level on thirty-day major adverse cardiac events and complications in high-risk, non-cardiac surgical patients.
 Final report from Mr A Fowler.pdf (49 KB)

Matt Leung

Applicant: Mr Matthew Leung
Institution: University Hospital South Manchester
Project: Neurophysiological correlates of consistent placebo analgesic responses.

BJA/RCoA Funded John Snow Anaesthesia iBSc

Rory Brittain

Applicant: Mr Rory Brittain
Institution: Southampton General Hospital
Project: Platelet Microparticles in Cardiopulmonary Bypass Surgery.
 Final Report from Mr R Brittain (241 KB)

Akshay Date

Applicant: Mr Akshay Date
Institution: Imperial College London
Project: The effect of volatile anaesthetics on cancer cells.
 Final report from Mr Akshay Date (46 KB)

Ryan Low

Applicant: Mr Ryan Low
Institution: University of Liverpool
Project: Pharmacogenomics of Methadone Response in Heroin Addicts.
 Final report from Mr Ryan Low.pdf (51 KB)

Sandher Sukha

Applicant: Mr Sukha Sandher
Institution: Imperial College London
Project: The use of neuroprotectants in the treatment of traumatic brain injury.
 Progress Report from Mr Sukha Sandher (91 KB)

Please see the NIAA's position statement on the use of animals in medical research.

Iain Slessor

Applicant: Mr Iain Slessor
Institution: The University of Glasgow
Project: Right ventricular strain and cardiac axis deviation following lung resection.
 Final report from Mr Iain Slessor (16 KB)