John Snow Anaesthesia Intercalated BSc Awards 2016



The following projects were funded in May 2016:

AAGBI/Anaesthesia Funded John Snow Anaesthesia iBSc

Sarah Taylor

Applicant: Miss Sarah K Taylor
Institution: Hull-York Medical School
Project: To demonstrate the impact of a new pre-operative care pathway on patient experience and expenditure, as well as evaluating the provision of pre-operative assessment services and demands.

Joshua de Carvalho

Applicant: Mr Joshua Lucas de Carvalho
Institution: King's College, London
Project: To examine pre-operative frailty scores as markers for assessing healthy survival after major cardiac surgery in patients.

Michael Blayney

Applicant: Mr Michael Blayney
Institution: University of Edinburgh
Project: To demonstrate whether ICU capacity strain affects patient outcomes in ICUs in a UK setting.
 Final report from Mr M Blayney.pdf (250 KB)

BJA/RCoA Funded John Snow Anaesthesia iBSc

Hannan Chaudery

Applicant: Mr Hannan Chaudery
Institution: Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry
Project: Global incidence and associations of Acute Kidney Injury after elective surgery in the International Surgical Outcomes Study (ISOS).

Sarah Train

Applicant: Ms Sarah Train
Institution: University of Edinburgh
Project: An exploration of the relationship between patterns of sedation during intensive care (ICU), early patient recollection of the ICU experience, and early trauma symptomatology among survivors of critical illness.
 Final report from Ms Sarah Train.pdf (58 KB)

Weihong Du

Applicant: Mr Weihong Du
Institution: Imperial College, London
Project: To further investigate the mechanisms of leukocytes activation during VILI and how this activation leads to systemic inflammation.

Rachel Vaughan

Applicant: Ms Rachel Vaughan
Institution: University of Aberdeen
Project: Chronic Pain and Sleep: exploring the association and validity of a commonly used pain questionnaire.
 Final Report from Rachel Vaughan.pdf (286 KB)

Ruaraidh Campbell

Applicant: Mr Ruaraidh Angus Sutherland Campbell
Institution: University of Edinburgh
Project: Rotational Thromboelastometry profiles in patients undergoing Liver Transplantation.