John Snow Anaesthesia Intercalated Awards 2019

The following medical students received awards in June 2019

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Association of Anaesthetists/Anaesthesia funded John Snow Awards

Hannah Adams

Miss Hannah Adams
University of Edinburgh
Programme of study: Anaesthesia, Critical Care and Pain Medicine MBChB
Research project: Non-invasive haemoglobin measurement to identify preoperative anaemia in patients scheduled for elective orthopaedic surgery

Tyler Cunningham

Mr Tyler Cunningham
University of Sheffield
Programme of study: Medicine and Surgery MBChB
Research project: Tracheal intubation after traumatic cervical spine injury: a systematic review

Maab Elsaddig

Miss Maab Elsaddig
Imperial College London
Programme of study: BSc Surgery & Anaesthesia
Research project: Improving exercise adherence in the PREPARE for Surgery prehabilitation programme are heart rate monitors the answer?


BJA/RCoA funded John Snow Awards

Mohammad Haris Ashraf

Mr Mohammad Haris Ashraf
University of Glasgow
Programme of study: MBChB
Research project: Assessing Patient Engagement with a Clinically Designed Colorectal Perioperative Pathway App

Clodagh Beattie

Miss Clodagh Beattie
University of Glasgow
Programme of study: MBChB
Research project: A comparison of predicted and observed hospital readmission rates after critical care in patients undergoing the InS:PIRE rehabilitation program

Haroon Minhas

Mr Haroon Minhas
University of Glasgow
Programme of study: Perioperative and Critical Care Medicine MBChB
Research project: Submaximal Exercise testing by Assessment of heart Rate ReCovery - a Healthy volunteer study 2 (SEARCH2)

Isis Terrington

Miss Isis Terrington
University of Bristol
Programme of study: BSc Physiological Science
Research project: Does central noradrenergic activity account for attentional analgesia in humans? A pupillometric analysis
 Final report from Isis Terrington.pdf (266 KB)


NACCSGBI funded John Snow Awards

Nika Cujkevic-Plecko

Miss Nika Cujkevic-Plecko
University of Edinburgh
Programme of study: MBChB Medicine / iBMedSci Anaesthesia, Critical Care and Pain Medicine
Research project: Hypothesis: Targeted temperature management (TTM) improves outcomes by preventing pyrexia, however TTM is associated with changes in cerebral blood flow which could be detrimental

Claire Hannon

Miss Claire Hannon
University of Leicester
Programme of study: iMSc in Medical Research
Research project: An Investigation into the use of Transcranial Doppler as an intra-operative neuromonitoring technique during cardiopulmonary bypass in paediatric congenital heart surgery