2011 Round 1 - APAGBI Small Research Grant

Dr Helen Hume Smith
Dr Helen Hume Smith

Dr Helen Hume-Smith

Consultant Anaesthetist, Great Ormond Street NHS Foundation Trust

Endoscopic evaluation of the paediatric airway after prior prolonged tracheal intubation

Summary: This study aims to provide information regarding airway trauma from long-term endotracheal intubation in the paediatric population.
Children who have previously been intubated for more than 24hours who are attending for planned surgery that requires intubation have been recruited. Recordings are evaluated by a panel of international airway experts blinded to patient history. Pathological endoscopic findings at the level of the larynx, trachea and carina are typed and graded and a comparison made between cuffed and uncuffed tubes. Regression analysis will be performed to elucidate other risk factors for intubation injury. Recruitment commenced in January 2012 and we have successfully recruited and performed endoscopy on approximately 100 patients.