NAP5 Launch Videos

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These videos were filmed at the NAP5 Professional Launch on 10 September 2014.

Our thanks to the Audio Visual Team of the Royal Society of Medicine for production and editing.

NAP5 Introduction and Methods

Prof Tim Cook

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The Baseline Surveys

Prof Jaideep Pandit

The Activity Survey

Dr Mike Sury

Main Results and Incidences

Prof Jaideep Pandit

Patients' Experience of AAGA

Prof Jackie Andrade

Psychological Consequences of AAGA

Prof Michael Wang

Phases of Anaesthesia

Dr Jeremy Radcliffe


Dr Felicity Plaat

AAGA during General Anaesthesia in Intensive Care

Dr Richard Paul

AAGA in Cardiothoracic Anaesthesia

Dr Jonathan MacKay

AAGA in Children

Dr Mike Sury

Drug Errors and Awake Paralysis

Dr Jonathan MacKay

Sedation and Awareness

Dr James Palmer


Dr Alistair Nimmo

Neuromuscular Blockade

Dr Wouter Jonker

Depth of Anaesthesia Monitoring

Prof Jaideep Pandit

Patient Factors

Dr Nuala Lucas

Human Factors and AAGA

Prof Tim Cook

Why is NAP 5 in Ireland?

Dr Ellen O'Sullivan

Consent Issues, Medicolegal Aspect

Prof Tim Cook

Closing Remarks

Prof Jaideep Pandit