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What are the NAPs?

The National Audit Projects study anaesthesia-related complications of low incidence that are potentially serious for patients and important to patients and anaesthetists.

The NAPs are "internationally important reports with a potentially significant impact on patient outcome and experience during and after anaesthesia and surgery" (Moppett, 2013).

In addition to 'shining a light' on the topic, the NAPs include recommendations for clinical practice and research. The NAPs are intended to examine, report on and drive improvements in practice.

Latest Updates

Anaesthesia and Critical Care Covid Activity Tracking Survey: ACCC-track

Key findings from the ACCC-track surveys are now available to view below. A huge thank you to all our NAP Local Coordinators for their contribution. We urge all departments to respond and thank you for taking the time needed to provide these data.



NAPs1-4 were supported and managed by the Professional Standards Directorate (now the Clinical Quality & Research Directorate) of the RCoA. Responsibility for managing the NAPs was transferred to the NIAA Health Services Research Centre (HSRC) following its launch in 2011.

NAP5 was the first to be managed by the HSRC. Prof Tim Cook is the current RCoA Advisor for the National Audit Projects.

If you have any queries relating to the NAPs then please contact us at nap@rcoa.ac.uk