Successful applicants from 2013:

The Ernest Leach Fund

Dr Mhamad Ghiyath Al-Hashimi
Project Title: Investigating immune-modulatory actions of Nociceptin/Orphanin FQ (N/OFQ) system in peripheral human blood

 Project Summary from Dr M Al-Hashimi (118 KB)
 Project Report from Dr M Al-Hashimi (145 KB)

The Stanley Rowbotham Fund

Dr Marta Seretny

Project Title: Gaining insight into the neural correlates underpinning emergence from propofol anaesthetic: analysis of data from a functional magnetic resonance (fMRI) and electroencephalography EEG study

 Project Summary from Dr M Seretny.pdf (83 KB)
 Project Report from Dr Marta Seretny (597 KB)

SEA UK Awards

Dr Sarah Ciechanowicz
Project Title: Video Feedback Superior To Verbal Feedback Alone For Improving Non-Technical Skills In Preparation For Fellowship Examinations?

 Project Summary from Dr S Ciechanowicz.pdf (113 KB)

Dr Nurhayati Lubis
Project Title: Health Volunteers Overseas (HVO) Masters of Anaesthesia Programme, University of Addis Ababa and Black Lion Hospital, Ethiopia

 Project Summary from Dr N Lubis.pdf (77 KB)

Dr Francesca Mazzola
Project Title: Mentoring Foundation Year 2 doctors through anaesthetic speciality training applications: a pilot study

 Project Summary from Dr F Mazzola.pdf (79 KB)
 Project Report from Dr F Mazzola (34 KB)