Successful applicants from 2016:

The Belfast Fund

Dr Iain Carroll
Project Title: Delivery of a Developing Healthcare Systems Intensive Care Course in Gonder, Ethiopia (BASICS DHS)
 Project Summary from Dr I Carroll (15 KB)

Dr Adam Hewitt Smith
Project Title: A pilot project to assess the impact of in-service simulation training on the ability of non-physician anaesthetists to safely deal with critical incidents in anaesthesia
(also awarded funding through the Sargant Fund)
 Project Summary from Dr A Hewitt Smith (66 KB)

Dr Helen Howes
Project Title: BASICs course, Gondar University Hospital, Ethiopia
 Project Summary from Dr H Howes (13 KB)

Dr Helen McKenna
Project Title: Presentation of original work (relationship between mitochondrial dysfunction and mortality in critically ill patients) at an international workshop on high-resolution respirometry, in Austria
 Project Summary from Dr H McKenna (41 KB)
 Final Report from Dr H McKenna.pdf (375 KB)

Dr William James Packer
Project Title: Zambia Anaesthesia Development Project: Visiting Lecturer in Anaesthesia
(also awarded funding through the Sargant Fund)
 Project Summary from Dr W Packer (145 KB)
 Final Report from Dr W Packer.pdf (36 KB)

The Ernest Leach Fund

Dr Matthew Charlton
Project Title: Establishing normal ranges of microcirculatory function as determined by CytoCam-IDF imaging
 Project Summary from Dr M Charlton (124 KB)

Dr Adam Glass
Project Title: Assessment of RV contractile reserve on exercise following lung resection - a pilot study
 Project Summary from Dr A Glass (244 KB)

Dr Nicola Jones
Project Title: Focused Ultrasound: Barriers and Enabling Factors to Successful Completion of Training and Meaningful Changes in Practice
 Project Summary from Dr N Jones (162 KB)

Dr Jon Silversides
Project Title: Role of Active Deresuscitation After Resuscitation-2
 Project Summary from Dr J Silversides (161 KB)

The Sargant Fund

Dr Fozia Hayat
Project Title: The Zambian Anaesthetic Development Project (ZADP)
 Project Summary from Dr F Hayat (141 KB)
 Final report from Dr F Hayat (414 KB)

Dr Jolene Moore
Project Title: Obstetric anaesthesia & MOEWS in The Gambia
 Project Summary from Dr J Moore (56 KB)