Successful applicants from 2015:

The Belfast Fund

Dr Katherine MacGloin,
Dr Sumitra Lahiri, Dr Rosel Tallach. Dr Mev Gooneratne and Dr Kate Grailey
Project Title: Interactive web-based tutorials, simulation discussions and Topic Grand Rounds for Barts and the London School of Anaesthesia
 Project Summary from Dr K MacGloin (115 KB)

The Ernest Leach Fund

Dr James Bowness
Project Title: The utility of exosomes as a biomarker in N-Methyl-D-Aspartate (NMDA) receptor encephalitis
 Project Summary from Dr J Bowness (67 KB)
 Final report from Dr J Bowness (50 KB)

Dr Christopher Hebbes
Project Title: Does the immunocyte release profile of nociceptin differ in critically ill septic patients and healthy volunteers
 Project Summary from Dr C Hebbes (79 KB)

Dr John Williams
Project Title: Effect of one-week ingestion of the opioid analgesic codeine on immune function in young healthy male volunteers
 Project Summary from Dr J Williams (65 KB)

The Sargant Fund

Dr Peter Alston
Project Title: Coronary sinus blood isoflurane concentration in patients undergoing heart surgery
 Project Summary from Dr P Alston (71 KB)
 Final report from Dr P Alston.pdf (91 KB)

Dr Linden Baxter
Project Title: Country-wide implementation of WHO Surgical Safety Checklist in Madagascar
 Project Summary from Dr L Baxter (71 KB)
 Final report from Dr L Baxter (183 KB)

The Stanley Rowbotham Fund

Dr Samantha Jayaweera
Project Title: Improving surgical safety at The Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital, Blantyre, Malawi
 Project Summary from Dr S Jayaweera (66 KB)

Dr Matthew Morgan
Project Title: The ghost in the machine: anaesthesia software yesterday, today, and tomorrow. To support the research, writing, publication, and presentation of this topic at the World Congress of Anaesthesia in Hong Kong, 2016
 Project summary from Dr M Morgan (64 KB)