Successful applicants from 2011:

Foundation Fund

Dr Robert Sanders
Project Title: Quantifying the similarities of sedation and sleep

 Final Report from Dr R Sanders (105 KB)

Dr Steven Young
Project Title: The incidence of persistent pain after Caesarean and its association with maternal anxiety and socioeconomic background

 Project Summary from Dr S Young (35 KB)
 Interim Report from Dr S Young (53 KB)
 Final Report from Dr S Young (61 KB)

Nuffield Fund

Dr Ben Shelley
Project Title: Utility of a panel of acute lung injury biomarkers following lung resection - a pilot study

 Project Summary from Dr B Shelley (63 KB)
 Nuffield Fund: Final Report from Dr B Shelley (50 KB)

Sargant Fund

Dr Rola Hallam
Project Title: Improving infant and child mortality rates in Uganda through improving critical care: the Nsambya Hospital Project

 Project Summary from Dr R Hallam (41 KB)

Stanley Rowbotham Fund

Dr Anna-Maria Rollin
Project Title: Association of Anaesthesiologists Of Mauritius (AAM) Annual CME Conference

 Project Summary from Dr A M Rollin (36 KB)
 Project Report from Dr A M Rollin (30 KB)

Dr Laura Peltola
Project Title: Voluntary work at the Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital, Blantyre, Malawi

 Project Summary from Dr L Peltola (44 KB)
 Laura Peltola Report.pdf (35 KB)

SEA UK Greaves Award

Dr Peter Lang
Project Title: Pregnant mothers admitted to the Intensive Care Unit: A retrospective review

 Project Summary from Dr P Lang (45 KB)
 Final Report from Dr P Lang (62 KB)

SEA UK Kumar Award

Dr Liang-Kim Ong
Project Title: Can Nursing Staff Identify Airway Equipment On The Resuscitation Trolley? Implications For Patient Safety At Resuscitation Attempts. (Airway Equipment Survey)

 Project Summary from Dr L K Ong (40 KB)
 Project Report from Dr L Ong (66 KB)