Successful applicants in 2017:

The Belfast Fund

Dr Harriette Beard
Project Title: Emergency Anatomy for Medical students
 Project Summary from Dr H Beard (140 KB)

Dr James Bowness
Project Title: Anatomy for the FRCA Course
 Project Summary from Dr J Bowness (295 KB)
 Final report from Dr J Bowness (59 KB)

Dr Zoe Burton
Project Title: Drug errors in paediatric anaesthesia: a cultural blind spot? A survey of UK paediatric anaesthetists. Oral presentation at the European Society of Paediatric Anaesthetsists (ESPA) meeting, Glasgow
 Project Summary from Dr Z Burton (228 KB)

Dr Stephanie Connelly (also part-funded under The Sargant Fund)
Project Title: Anaesthesia in the Amazon - Improving Difficult Airway Management in the Low Resource Environment
 Project Summary from Dr S Connelly (147 KB)

Dr Seung Cheol (Paul) Kim
Project Title: Airway Management for Neck Breathers
 Project Summary from Dr SC (P) Kim (58 KB)

Dr Andrew Nath
Project Title: Observership of lung transplant anaesthesia in Canadian National cardiothoracic unit
 Project Summary from Dr A Nath (50 KB)

Dr Catrin Williams (also part-funded under The Sargant Fund)
Project Title: The perioperative surgical journey: Improving the primary-secondary care interface in Wales
 Project Summary from Dr C Williams (143 KB)

The Ernest Leach Fund

Dr Danielle Franklin
Project Title: Designing improvements in the perioperative care of children using FRAM analysis
 Project Summary from Dr D Franklin (150 KB)

Professor Graeme McLeod
Project Title: Is intraneural injection associated with nerve ischaemia? A quantitative analysis of nerve blood flow and oxygenation using micro-ultrasound and photo-acoustics in an anaesthetised pig model
 Project Summary from Prof G McLeod (325 KB)

The Sargant Fund

Dr Boyne Bellew
Project Title: Serratus Anterior Block and catheter use in Rib fractures in the Emergency department
 Project Summary from Dr B Bellew (293 KB)

Dr Elizabeth Hood
Project Title: Reducing post-op pulmonary complications following major surgery
 Project Summary from Dr E Hood (146 KB)