Successful applicants from 2014:

The Ernest Leach Fund

Dr Simon Lambden
Project Title: The effect of acute hypoxia on the endogenous regulation of Nitric Oxide production and the pulmonary circulation in healthy human subjects
 Project summary from Dr S Lambden (67 KB)

Dr Philip McCall
Project Title: The novel inflammatory biomarker 'soluble urokinase-type plasminogen activator receptor' (suPAR); does it have a prognostic role following cardiac surgery
 Project summary from Dr P McCall (200 KB)

SEA UK Awards

Dr Tanja Beament
Project Title: Speak up! What are the barriers to challenging seniors?
 Project summary from Dr T Beaument (73 KB)

Dr Jolene Moore
Project Title: Anaesthesia in Hoima Regional Referral Hospital, Western Uganda
 Project summary from Dr J Moore.pdf (65 KB)
 Final Report from Dr J Moore (169 KB)