Successful applicants in 2018:

The Belfast Fund

Dr Yohinee Karuna Rajendran
Project Title: Setting up an Obstructive Sleep Apnoea Database; the first of its kind in the UK
 Project Summary from Dr Y Rajendran (34 KB)

Dr Mariapaz Sebastian
Project Title: Teaching course in Regional Anaesthesia
 Project Summary from Dr M Sebastian (48 KB)

Dr Manish Verma
Project Title: Undergraduate Handbook for Anaesthesia and ITU
 Project Summary from Dr M Verma (47 KB)

The Ernest Leach Fund

Dr Thomas H Craven
Project Title: In vitro effects of Lidocaine on neutrophils from patients with sepsis
 Project Summary from Dr T Craven (55 KB)

Dr Andrew Georgiou
Project Title: The impact of frailty on the outcome of critical care admission
 Project Summary from Dr A Georgiou (49 KB)

Dr Nicola Schunke
Project Title: Mercy Ships Mission, Africa Mercy, Conakry Port, Guinea, West Africa
 Project Summary from Dr N Schunke (65 KB)
 Final report from Dr N Schunke (352 KB)

Dr Jia Stevens
Project Title: Investigating variations in platelet mitochondrial function in healthy subjects
 Project Summary from Dr J Stevens (37 KB)

The Sargant Fund

Dr Edward Costar
Project Title: Purchase of an ORSIM fibreoptic intubation simulator
 Project Summary from Dr E Costar (33 KB)

Dr Sarah Helen El-Sheikha
Project Title: Zambia Anaesthesia Development Project (ZADP): Senior Fellowship
 Project Summary from Dr S El-Sheikha (33 KB)
 Final report from Dr S El-Sheikha (974 KB)